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If you don't have a shipping number, please enter your postal code and house number.

Corona virus

Due to the corona virus outbreak, we had to adapt our working method to the customers.

  • Keep a safe 1.5 M away from our deliverers
  • We are currently making threshold deliveries and are not taking the goods further in the house.
  • Our deliverers now sign digitally in their smartphone / PDA, you sign the paper freight slip.
  • When assembling furniture, keep your distance and let the technicians only do their work in the room, upon delivery the technicians themselves sign digitally.

Thank you for your understanding, for your own and our safety!

Like to know what time you can expect the delivery of your shipment or when our assembly professional will arrive? You can track this easily by entering your postal code or transport number into our system. If the driver has been delayed, the time block will be adjusted automatically. As a result, you will never have to wait unnecessarily.