100% groen gas


When it comes to sustainability, Alert has great ambitions. We aim to be a leader in the transition to clean, green transport. We believe that this is not only possible, but that it’s a prerequisite to remain relevant to our current and future customers. The transport sector has the responsibility and the possibility to speed up the transition to sustainability. We aim to reduce our emissions through smart planning, maximising our ICT capabilities, training our people to be more environmentally conscious and investing in cleaner vehicles. Read more about our mission here.

Lean & Green

Lean & Green
Only by working together can we turn our ambitions into reality. Helping us achieve that is Lean & Green, a community of involved people from different sectors who collaborate and share experiences to achieve further emissions reduction.

Lean & Green stimulates organisations to grow together, to reach a higher level of sustainability by taking measures that bring cost savings. At the same time we collaborate to reduce environmental impact, which can lead to the more efficient organisation of business/logistics processes. Lean & Green is run by Connekt, the independent network for smart, sustainable social mobility and logistics.

100% green gas <CO2

Real green gas is produced from biomass: biogas. Unlike natural gas, biogas is produced from, among others, GFT waste, manure and sludge. Even though green gas is not always classified as biogas, biogas is always green gas. To compensate for the emissions of natural gas, this is also labelled as green gas.