Logistiek bedrijf voor Dropshipping leveranciers


Alert Logistics is a service provider who takes the guess work out of logistical issues. Spread across the Netherlands, our people transport and install goods for large retailers, small businesses and individuals. From our headquarters in Amsterdam, we send our couriers, drivers and assembly team to help companies and individuals relocate and install their goods: from small and delicate to large and awkward.


It’s our mission to organise logistics as efficiently and sustainably as possible. This ensures that all requests are executed quickly and safely throughout the country. We take over all your logistical concerns, including the assembly and disposal of your old goods.



At Alert we believe that logistics can be cleaner, better and easier. That’s why we work with ‘Lean & Green’ services: small-scale, efficient and sustainable. Because logistics doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive. Through well-organised planning we can work not only more sustainably, but also provide additional services. Because that, rightly so, is what customers expect: to choose where, when and how their goods are delivered. Alert offers a complete service package. From delivery to assembly and installation of goods, and removal of old goods.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We believe that logistics and transportation can and must be more environmentally friendly. At Alert we are convinced that economic and environmental interests go hand in hand. We do all we can to make our activities greener, such as being resourceful and efficient in our planning to maximise the use of each kilometre. We’re making less use of diesel and investing instead in cleaner vehicles. And we compensate for CO2 emissions by planting trees.