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General terms & conditions

The goods we offer to transport will be handled with the utmost care. To ensure thorough transport and delivery, we kindly request the following:

  • Ensure that someone is at home at the agreed-upon time, thus avoiding the payment of double freight charges.
  • We must be able to bring the goods inside in a normal way. It happens regularly that goods delivered to a home cannot be brought inside successfully. This applies especially to mattresses, sofas, kitchen countertops and the like.
  • Make sure to remove any obstacles or items that may cause difficulty during entry or when bringing goods to the upper level(s) of the house. Think of boxes on the floor, but also paintings, lamps or other objects attached to the ceiling or wall. Remember to cover parquet, laminate or highly contaminated floor coverings well with plastic or cardboard. Unfortunately, we cannot accept liability for damages to the above-mentioned goods.
  • Ground floor deliveries are those that take place at street level. Any raised or lowered levels in front of the door are seen as separate floors. The first floor and basement are included in the base rate.
  • Unfortunately, unpackaged goods are not insured during transport.
  • By signing the shipping receipt, you declare to have received everything in good condition. After you sign, we cannot accept liability for any damages.
  • • In case of damage during transport, please contact us during office hours by using the phone number mentioned on the shipping slip. We will then ensure a fair exchange for the damaged goods.
  • • If you find any damage after removing the packaging, please contact our customer service line at 020 311 3240 or at

Thank you for your cooperation,
Alert Logistics BV

You can download the General Conditions of Transport here